About casino

  With 28 years of experience in the Gaming Industry, we have come across many situations to understand the needs of our clients. Our vision is to make sure all patrons are satisfied from our services. To monitor closely and support responsible gaming is one of our priorities.

  Many elderly clients who enjoy playing live games or slot machines at times struggle to get out of their houses in order to go to a land based casino. That’s how pesaland.com was born; to bring the real casino entertainment to the screens of our clients. Be it mobile phone, tablet,laptop,desktop and even further mirror viewing on a smart TV (local jurisdiction laws apply and it is the clients responsibility to keep upto date with the restrictions) is some of the ways customers can enjoy this facility from wherever they wish . 

  We know time is essential and pesaland.com will save the time traveling to a land based casino, save the costs incurred by the same and the experience is totally up to your imagination.

  Our land based operations also offer variety of games at Cameo Casino in Nairobi, Kenya.
  Please keep in mind everything done in balance is the way to go. If at any point you feel addicted and want to be excluded from gaming establishments, we will gladly help you with the process. Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya will always be there to assist in such cases.

We wish you a great experience with pesaland.com and please write to us for any suggestions, complaints at [email protected]