How To Play Sic Bo

How To Play Sic Bo

2023-09-26 16:43:01

How To Play Sic Bo: Dive into the Dice Game Delight


If you've not yet been introduced to the ancient Chinese dice game of Sic Bo, then you're in for a treat! This game of chance, also known as "Big Small" or "Dai Siu", offers excitement with every roll and has been a favorite among gamblers for centuries. And for those in Kenya, the virtual realms of bring this classic game right to your screens.


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Sic Bo's Features

Dice and Shaker: The central elements of Sic Bo are three dice and a shaker. The outcome of each round depends on the throw of these dice.

The Betting Table: Resembling a complex grid, the Sic Bo betting table displays a plethora of betting options. Each section of the grid corresponds to a specific bet the player can make.

Sic Bo's Rules

  1. Placing Bets: Players begin by placing their bets on the marked areas of the table. You can bet on specific dice combinations, total dice values, or even individual dice numbers.
  2. Shaking the Dice: Once bets are placed, the croupier (or in the case of, the online system) shakes the dice.
  3. Revealing the Outcome: After the shake, the dice are revealed, and the outcome is determined.
  4. Payouts: Depending on where you've placed your bet and the outcome of the dice roll, you can receive varying payouts. Some popular bets include:
  • Big or Small: Betting on the total value of the dice being 'Big' (11-17) or 'Small' (4-10). Typically pays 1:1.
  • Triple: Betting that all three dice will show a specific number, e.g., three 4s. This has a high payout, often around 180:1.
  • Double: Betting that at least two dice will show a specific number. Payouts can be around 10:1.
  • Total: Betting on the total sum of the three dice, with payouts varying based on the specific total.

Important Note: It's crucial to understand that while the 'Big or Small' bet may seem the simplest, triples can be the game-changer. If a triple is rolled, both 'Big' and 'Small' bets lose.

Engaging in Sic Bo on

The experience of playing Sic Bo on is crafted to ensure authenticity, excitement, and user satisfaction:

  • Digital Excellence: The platform's digital interface ensures clarity, making it easier for players to understand and place their bets.
  • Live Gaming: For a more immersive experience, might offer live Sic Bo, where real dealers handle the dice, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world gaming.
  • Promotions: often runs promotions and bonuses for their games, giving players added incentives to engage and win.


Sic Bo, with its rich history and straightforward yet captivating gameplay, is undoubtedly a game worth trying. The combination of strategy, luck, and myriad betting possibilities ensures that no two games are the same. 

And with platforms like, Kenyan players have the golden opportunity to delve into this dice game anytime, anywhere. So, gear up, explore the many bets, and let the dice decide your fortune!